UV shifting script "leaks meshes" in editor

So, I’m using an edited version of a UV shifting script in order to shift UVs from within the editor. The idea is to use this script in order to recolour level features by shifting their UVs to other spots on an atlas containing many colour variations. The problem is the editor is telling me that I’m “leaking meshes” when using the script. Any ideas of how I could implement this differently in order to avoid the errors?

Here is the script:

#pragma strict
@script ExecuteInEditMode() 

public var uOffset : float = 0.25f;
public var vOffset : float = 0.25f;

public var AddU : boolean = false;
public var SubU : boolean = false;
public var AddV : boolean = false;
public var SubV : boolean = false;

function Start()
	this.enabled = false;

	function Update()
		if (AddU)
			AddU = false;
		if (SubU)
			SubU = false;
		if (AddV)
			AddV = false;
		if (SubV)
			SubV = false;

function SetUVs(u : float , v : float)
	// Build the uvs 
    var uvs : Vector2[] = new Vector2[(GetComponent(MeshFilter) as MeshFilter).mesh.vertices.Length]; 
    uvs = (GetComponent(MeshFilter) as MeshFilter).mesh.uv; // Take the existing UVs 

    for (var i = 0 ; i < uvs.Length; i++) uvs <em>= Vector2 (uvs_.x + u, uvs*.y + v); // Offset all the UV's*_</em> 

// Apply the modded UV’s
(GetComponent(MeshFilter) as MeshFilter).mesh.uv = uvs;


It would be helpful if you gave the exact error message but, according to I get an error message about sharedMesh leaking when I add a modifier « MegaFiers

“This is a false error that Unity gives to any system that alters a mesh in Edit Mode, so all systems that build or alter meshes while not in run mode will produce the error eg RageSpline, ezGUI etc. Rest assured there are no leaked meshes and nothing is actually wrong. The error does not happen during runtime.”