V Sync Count CAN'T be set in editor...??? New bug?

Seems I’m unable to set the V Sync Count in the quality settings, in the editor. The pop-up menu is there as usual, but no matter what I select, it always pops back to “don’t sync” - which I reeeeeeally need to fix. Has anyone else seen this? Seems like a new bug.

I have Unity version 5.1.1f1 and i can set the v-sync settings like i always could. Are you sure you change the setting while in edit mode. When you change it in play-mode it will revert once you stop the game. The project settings are serialized / deserialized as well when you change play-mode.

If it don’t accept the new setting at all, you might want to check your graphics card setting. Some drivers enforce a certain setting for all applications.

Smuh - when I disable the Virtual Reality Project setting in Quality Settings, the issue seems to vanish. This isn’t a great solution, since we do indeed need access to the VR components in Unity. On the other hand, running in VR ought to lock the frame rate to 75 or 90 anyway, so it’s a temporarily workable solution.