Values are saved in every object in Array of objects

I have a problem with array of objects.
After every loop in for loop every object(name, x, y) are saved in all of them.

To make things clearer:
i loop through my Objects giving every one a set of specific values to be saved later in JSON.
Soo on the first loop i have name = one, x =1, y=1 and its for the container[0] only.
Then after second loop when i set name = two, x=2, y =2 for container[1] then the container[0] and every other that have any values set will have the same values as container[1].
Soo after few loops i don’t have every value for every object saved but instead i have X ammount of duplicated values from the last loop.

Here’s my code:

Thanks in advance for your help.

The problem is that you only ever have one instance of PlayerData. Every index in your array 1…N is storing a reference back to that same, single object. Instead, if you want each index in the array to store its own instance, you need to construct a new instance for each index in the array. From a code perspective, what that means is you should move these lines:

PlayerData tempData = new PlayerData(); = "a";
tempData.x = 0;
tempData.y = 0;

So that they go within the first for loop to initialize the data, like so:

for (int i = 0; i < FloorContainer.transform.childCount; i++)
    PlayerData tempData = new PlayerData(); = "a";
    tempData.x = 0;
    tempData.y = 0;
    playerData *= tempData;*