Values not updating in Unity. - UPDATED

UPDATE: I had some progress, but I am still having issues. Updated.

OnClick functions do work also with the Debug.Log. The code below is the Stats script which also updates my HealthUI.

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using System;

public class Stats
    public static Stats st;
    private BarScript bar;
    public float maxVal;
    public float currentVal;
    public int playerDamage = 20;

    public float CurrentVal
            return currentVal;

            this.currentVal = Mathf.Clamp(value, 0, maxVal);
            bar.Value = currentVal;

    public float MaxVal
            return maxVal;

            this.maxVal = value;
            bar.MaxValue = value;
    public void Initialize()

        this.MaxVal = maxVal;
        this.CurrentVal = currentVal;

I did progress a bit. I placed this code:

      public void HpUp () { stats.maxVal += 20; stats.currentVal += 20; }
     public void DmgUp() { stats.playerDamage += 10; }

into my PlayerManager and it connects with the Stats script I shared and my health does update. I removed the UpgradeMenuUI. Now the problem is that my damage does not update. Well actually it updates but the value doesn’t reach where I need it to. I added a

 public int playerDamage;

in my Stats script. In my Damage script, which calculates the damage for my Player and the enemy, I changed

  aiManager.Enemy1Damage(playerDamage); to

and I call my playerDamage from Stats into my Damage script with these: public Stats stats; and

 public void Awake()
         stats = new Stats();

So the problem is that if I change the playerDamage in my Stats script from this: public int

public int playerDamage = 20;

The value does work and my Player damage is indeed 20 when I hit the AI. However in the inspector my damage(the public int from Stats script) is 0 and if I press my upgrade damage button it goes up by 10 (that’s what I set in my PlayerManager script:

 public void DmgUp()
     stats.playerDamage += 10;

), but that doesn’t affect in any way the value 20. So it is just useless, like pumping air. I don’t know how to make the public int playerDamage to update from the OnClick. If make it just playerDamage; without a number nothing updates and the damages is 0.


stats.maxVal = (int)(stats.maxVal += hpUp);


stats.maxVal+= hpUp;

You’re not using the += operator correctly

Sorry, I tested this and your code should work… however you’re doing some insanely weird things.

Why do you have a property (MaxVal) with a getter and setter for a public variable (maxVal)? The whole point of making a property is to encapsulate a private variable. And if you have a property, why not use it by doing stats.MaxVal += hpUp ?

I guess this project is just a test project, could you upload it so I could make some testing and see what it looks like? I think you must have done something wrong elsewhere


Can you explain why you made a MaxVal property that modifies bar.MaxValue in the setter method? You don’t seem to use that property anywhere, and I think this is part of the puzzle.

Just so that we’re clear, there’s a HUGE difference between doing

stats.maxVal += 10;
// with a small m. this only updates your maxVal public variable


stats.MaxVal += 10;
// with capital M. this calls the setter method of your MaxVal property, which updates maxVal AND bar.MaxValue

Also, why do you have a static reference to a Stats instance in your Stats class? Are you trying to make a singleton?

You made your Stats class serializable, so I take it from this that you wrote a custom inspector script for it (otherwise it just wouldn’t be visible in the inspector). Care to share your custom inspector code? This might be where the problem is.

I have a really hard time to understand the structure of your project. Can you share it in its entierty?

if all you’re trying to do is to update a value with a press of a button, here’s a very simple sample code that will do what you’re apparently trying to do:

the stats class

public class Stats {

	public int value;


And the class that will modify its value

public class StatsUpdater : MonoBehaviour {

	private Stats stat = new Stats ();

	public int increment = 10;

	// subscribe this method to your OnClick event
	public void AddIncrement() {
		stat.value += increment;