Variable types usage

Is it needed to use short, byte, sbyte and such, for normal variables in the game like score, indexers, counters and so on? Why? When is it needed anyway?

UPDATE: Because of the circumstances I saw that I wasn’t enough argumentative in my question. I know these types of variables are used when more of them are created and used most of the time. What I really want to know is when should I take a leap and change all the ints, longs, decimals and so on to shorts, bytes and so on. When I have more than 10k or 100k or less or more, in a collection, that is frequently used for calculations and so on. (developing mostly for android).

Generally speaking if you can count it (lives, cows, shots, etc) then use int, otherwise use float.

If you get anywhere near the limits of range or precision of these two, or have huge data structures that you’re concerned are taking up too much memory then explore the other options listed here…

… hope that helps?