Variables not visible in editor but accessible from other scripts

I have a script that creates targets every few seconds. The Script keeps track of the amount of targets that are created and destroyed. The number of targets are stored in a private variable called TargetNum. I made it Private so that it is not visible and cannot be modified through the editor. I also have another script which needs to modify TargerNum but cannot because it is a private variable. How can i make the variable TargetNum not visible in the editor but is accessible and can be modified by other scripts? Whenever i try to access TargetNum throgh another script it gives and error :
‘Creation.TargetNum’ is inaccessible due to its protection level.’

It’s even much easier :wink:
Unity provides a special attribute to hide public members from the inspector: HideInInspector

// C#
public int TargetNum;

// UnityScript
var TargetNum : int;

This variable is accessible from other classes since it’s public, but Unity won’t show it in the inspector.

This is why we have getters and setters:

private int TargetNum = whatever;

public int GetTargetNum()
    return TargetNum;

Then, whenever you would use ‘TargetNum’, use ‘GetTargetNum’ instead.

If you want to set the value, you can use

public void SetTargetNum(int value)
    TargetNum = value;

Alternatively, you can do this:

private int _targetNum;

public int targetNum {
    get {
        return _targetNum;
    set {
        _targetNum = value;

Which neatly manages all that internally (just treat ‘targetNum’ like a normal public variable).