varible options

hi i dont suppose anyone knows how or where i can get some information on making a options menu in unity for the varible i creat in a script…

so u click on it and u will have three different words which all do something cheers

doesnt matter i sussed it out here is my code for others in java

public enum list
var Option : list = list.first;

This is definitely something targeted for a GUI. It could look something like this (Javascript):

var onstate : int = 0; //Initial state which needs to be changed elsewhere
var text1 : String;
var text2 : String;
var text3 : String;
var buttonwidth : int;
var buttonheight : int;
var xposition : int;
var yposition1 : int;
var yposition2 : int;
var yposition3 : int;

function OnGUI () {
   if (onstate == 1){
      if (GUI.Button(Rect(xposition,yposition1,buttonwidth,buttonheight),text1)) {
         // Do stuff here.
      if (GUI.Button(Rect(xposition,yposition2,buttonwidth,buttonheight),text2)) {
         // Do stuff here.
      if (GUI.Button(Rect(xposition,yposition3,buttonwidth,buttonheight),text2)) {
         // Do stuff here.
   else if (onstate == 2){
      // You can create another similar menu here!