Various documentation about movie formats is confusing...

I’ve found, so far, that the only format on PC that Unity will load dynamically into a movietexture is OGG/Theora. Despite saying that if you have Quicktime installed Unity will use it to convert, that apparently only applies to dropping the file into your Unity assets.

I’d be okay with that except that OGG doesn’t seem to work on iOS either, because the Handheld call apparently just hands the URL off to the operating system, and iOS apparently doesn’t like OGG.

Do I really need to duplicate video for each platform? This is like the web used to be (as still is on occasion…)

Anyone know of a plugin that can use the same video file across PC/OSX/iOS/Android?


I’ll be trying AVI Player (uses MJPEG but works on all platforms supposedly.) The only issue being how big the video files get (MJPEG is not great for long videos as every frame is a keyframe…)