Vars on prefabs

I am building my own prefabs. When I initiate a prefab on my hierarchy, if I modify a var and after that I click on “Apply”, all other instances of this prefab are changed too.

Is there any way to define a var whose value is not saved on the prefab even if I click on “Apply”?

Basically I would like to edit my prefab but also having “free vars”.

You can’t define a variable to not be updated, that’s against the purpose of a prefab, anything that you haven’t changed manually in the prefab is linked to the prefab values.

Anything that’s not linked to the prefab value will be displayed in bold, you can “unlink” a field by changing it manually, even if you write the same value the field already has, or drag the same reference. Once the field is displayed in bold, changes on the prefab won’t affect it.

Note that if you “apply” on the instance those values would be used as defaults and will be linked again to the prefab (the bold letters will turn to normal), so be carefull when applying changes. I always create an instance, make a change, apply, and delete the instance, so the instances that I actually want remain unlinked.