Vector3 array from .txt

How I create a Vector3 array (Vector3(0,0,0),ecc) to use with GL.lines and Vectrosity command starting from a external .txt file with a list of point coordinates (0,2,2,2,ecc...)?

That depends entirely on how data is formatted in that text file. :)

Is just comma-separated numbers? So Vector1 consists of the first three numbers in the file, and Vector2 consists of the next three numbers, and so on?

In any case, you're probably going to need to parse the text using String.Split after you've loaded it into your program with a System.IO.TextReader.


If you can, I would start with this excel content reader

Else, like Christian Mentionned, you can play with String functions.

But you don't necessarly need to use IO, you can simply create a public variable like so:

public var myTextFile:TextAsset;

And link your text file into that public variable in the inspector.