Vector3.MoveTowards MaxDistanceDelta value

What is the MaxDistanceDelta value of Vector3.MoveTowards? The documentation says it’s the maximum speed it will move toward the target point, but what exactly does it mean by “speed”? Is it based on Time? Is it based on Framerate? Should I multiply the value by deltaTime to make it framerate independent?

Per call.

It means that if you are moving toward target, then maxDistanceDelta is the distance added to step from current toward target. If the actual distance remaining is less than maxDistanceDelta, it will be placed on target position.

So, if maxDistanceDelta is 5, every call will move current 5 units closer to target. It will never “overshoot” the target.

Tyically you will multiply the maxDistanceDelta parameter with delta time.

Yes, you should multiply it with deltaTime. The speed there is the max speed for every call you make to this function. So if you call it once per frame, then the speed is directly linked to the framerate. If you would call it twice, then it would move twice as fast.