Vector3 sets to different coordinates than specified

This is probably a dumb question and I’m just overlooking something simple but I can’t figure out what for the life of me.

I have a code where I am setting a bunch of Vector3s and I am using it to change the position of cameras and other objects as so:

Vector3 CAMERA = new Vector3 (2.661137f, 2.023687f, 0.9875622f);
legcamera.transform.position = CAMERA;

However when I run it in my editor, the camera currently goes to -0.4207597, -4.785051, 4.535485
This occurs for any object I try transforming via the above method so it’s not due to me setting values elsewhere. Most of the objects I am trying are children objects if that makes any difference (which from reading I came to the conclusion that it did not)

Any help is appreciated!

Transform.position set/get position in world coordinates. What you see in inspector is in local coordinades (relative to parent(s))