Vectrosity 3D line redraw on camera move

Hi Eric and all Vectrosity users!

I’m starting to play with Vectrosity and wanted to implement a very simple scenario: draw a textured 3D line (with VectorLineGlow material) and face it correctly to the main camera when the latter moves and rotates. Here is the initial scene state:

The camera looks on the black square with Vectrosity line drawn on top of it with a small offset. The following code is executed inside Start():

line = new VectorLine("Square", 
    new[] { bottomLeft, bottomRight, topRight, topLeft, bottomLeft },
    LineColor, LineMaterial, 20, LineType.Continuous, Joins.Weld);

When I move the camera I see the following strange effect:

I see that the line is bound to the correct camera (when I move other cameras the line remains intact), but line behavior looks so strange that I can not even think of possible cause and how to fix it.

There is a workaround to achieve visually the same line setup:

var line = new VectorLine("Square", new[]
    topMiddle, topLeft,
    topLeft, middleLeft,

    bottomMiddle, bottomRight,
    bottomRight, middleRight,

    bottomMiddle, bottomLeft,
    bottomLeft, middleLeft,

    topMiddle, topRight,
    topRight, middleRight
}, LineColor, LineMaterial, 20, LineType.Discrete, Joins.Weld);

However, this is not easy to find correct line pieces this way all the time, so a more elegant approach is still welcome.