Vectrosity - lines disappear on certain camera angles


Hello everybody,

using Vectrosity, on multiple camera transforms the drawn lines disappear.

There is supposed to be a red line drawn on the x-axis. Moving a little to the left renders the line again.

This is how I usually use Vectrosity to instantiate my lines:

VectorLine xAxisA = new VectorLine("x axis positive", xAxisPoints, null, 1);
xAxisA.drawTransform = go.transform;

This problem occurs on each line which I draw like this.

Isn’t the call Draw3DAuto() supposed to take care of this?

Thanks in advance!

With further investigation I figured out that if the Camera doesn’t face the VectorLines on Start, the lines won’t get properly.

So if the camera initially faces the VectorLines, everything is getting rendered properly.

I exported a simple package which reproduces this behavior: