Vegetation Texture Error

I have read the other questions and their answers, but I don't see one that solves one or the other issue.

Issue: 1 side texture show only, and broken alpha.

I created my fern texture in photoshop, made sure background was transparent, and flattened. I then imported it into blender to create the uv mapping for my fern mesh.

I of course used two side, and cut alpha channel before exporting my model mesh as an obj file.

I am confused as I have previously important self made grass textures in png format successfully using the same process.

Hopefully someone can shed some light on my error as I am new to the engine.



Took a couple hours to figure out... it is in the unity setting...

go to your material.. set shader to... Nature/ Vegetation Two Pass Unlit.

I hope this helps someone, since no one answered my question.