Vehicle follow a path by input - Bike Simulator

I am developing a bike simulator. The player will not be able to drive the bike, just will pedaling the bike through the scenario. How can I make the bike follow a path while the player is pedaling/accelerating? Is it possible to make curves and lean the bike in this path also?


Not the only way to do it I’m sure, but you could set the motion using 3dsMax path animation tool or whatever modeling/animation software you’re using. Then import that animation into your game, and use the animation speed adjustment method to adjust the rate at which you want them to go. Leans and things like that could be built into that animation, or they could be sub-animations as children beneath the parent animation moving along the path.

I think this is very very helpful for you

Tks. I’ll try the ideias and also NavMesh. As the bike moves by a torque in a wheel collider, just like a car, I don’t know if the approach using a animation will work. I’ll see.