Vehicle with Charater on it - like a moving platform

My Vehicle with Rigidbody and Wheel Collider should be able to carry my character.
And the character should be able to walk/run freely on it while it drives.

My “bad” solution looks like this now:

My charakter (he have no rigidbody but a Character Controller) stays while driving on the car, but if i change the direction of travel the characater “rotatied” around a point of the car.

I don’t use “character.SetParent(carObject)” ->I don’t like to do this. …and it is’nt working for me

My code is:

Vector3 lastPos_car;

void Update()
    Vector3 curPos_car = Car_Transform.position;
    Vector3 delta = (curPos - lastPos_car);
    lastPos_car = curPos_car;   
    Character_Pos_ += delta;

so, it is possitble to walk/run on the car/platform while driving …

I think i should use something like “direction” or “transform.forward” or something … but i don’t now how.

Also i need rotation …if i drive uphill/downhill…

Could anyone help me → please?

No one? Ok i will wait.