Velocity and Angular Velocity of an object.

So I'm trying to determine the exact velocity of a point on an object based on velocity and angular velocity.

Effectively, I want one object to follow another object exactly using the ball's velocity. So if a ball is just a bit off the corner of a cube, I can set the ball's velocity to match the velocity of that corner.

What should I do with these two vector3s?

Just did some experimenting and came up with this: It seems to work, I think.

Hope this helps some other peoples. surfaceVelocity is the velocity of a given point on one rigidbody, and body is the rigidbody in question.

 surfaceVelocity = body.velocity + Vector3.Cross(body.transform.position - transform.position,body.angularVelocity); 


Why don't you parent it to the cube then set its position so that it lines up with the corner? Then when the cube moves the ball will move also....