Velocity Magnitude of a rigidbody2D is spiking endlessly after colliding with another object.

So I’ve got my player who can move around and bump into objects in a 2D environment. Whenever you first collide with an object, the velocity magnitude of the object starts to grow in decimal places and is never zero anymore. This breaks other parts of my code.

What you’re seeing is the debugger logging the veloctiy.magnitude of the rigidbody2D on the player when it collides with the object. (It goes up from zero briefly when the player moves, back down to zero after the player collides with the object, then starts spiking like mad shortly after. The player doesn’t move at all when this spike begins, though.

I’m pretty confused. I’ve combed through my code several times and I couldn’t find anything that could cause it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated it.

Also experiencing this. Any solution?