velocity problem

Hi, I have a sphere that’s rolling down a plane, the problem is that it doesn’t speed up as you would expect. The velocity stays the same, how can I make it so that it behaves correctly?

Also the sphere seems really lightweight when flying through the air, I turned the gravity up so that it falls down quicker, is this the correct way to do it?

Changing the gravity is usually not a good idea, except when you need a peculiar physic behavior. In your case, it might come from a scale problem. Let’s say your sphere is of size 100, and is at a height 5000, it might seem close on your screen but that’s a damn long distance to travel. If you want something realistic, you’ll need a ratio 1 (Unity unit <=> 1 meter).

About the sphere not accelerating, try playing around with physics material on both sphere and ground. You need frictions, so the sphere will roll and not only slide.