VerificationException Error

I’m having some issues figuring out what this error is getting at:

VerificationException: Error verifying ChrisSmash3:OnCollisionEnter (UnityEngine.Collision): Invalid type (Complex) at stack for conversion operation. Numeric type expected at 0x00b1

For reference, [this is the question it’s originally from][1] and here’s the (presumably) offending code:

var ragdoll: GameObject; 
var power : float; 
var radius : float; 
var upModifier : float;

function OnCollisionEnter (collision : Collision) {
    var colGameObj = collision.gameObject;
    if (colGameObj.tag == "Enemy"){
        Debug.Log("Enemy Success");
        var newRagdoll : GameObject = Instantiate(ragdoll, 
        for (var c in collision.contacts){
.point, radius,

Normally I'm pretty good at interpreting compiler errors but this one's got me stumped. Has anyone run into something similar?


You are saying collision.contacts.point and c is a contact point. You need an int inside the [] to make it do something. But here, you would use c.point. c is a reference to all the contacts this object has made.