Version control repo selection/hover fails on application switch

Hello, I used to use an older version of plastic but had issues with it so I downloaded and installed the newest version as of today (4/10/24), I was able to login in (had to re-loggin a few times for it to stick)

I'm having an issue where the lag to select repos can be pretty extreme. I mean hover doesn't work, selection doesn't work, it just sits there.

My solution is to just switch teams until repo selection/hover works again.

This experience is pretty broken though.

I have attached an example demoing this below:

I have also filed a bug report but just wanted to post it in case others thought the application was just frozen. It's not, you just can't select stuff by default. Closing and reopening the application has the same issue. You can't select anything when it starts up either.

I'm on Windows 10 btw.

I have replied to your support ticket, but to summarise, I have been unable to reproduce this behaviour on the latest version. Please let me know if you have some reproduction steps that I can follow or any other additional info that might be pertinent to me being able to reproduce and fix it.