Vertex based animation / PLA info ---> Unity

Similar questions have been asked - but there seems to be no straight forward solution.

Basically in example form.

I'm using C4D.

Take a primative -->make editable --> add deformer (shatter for instance) ---> add keyframes and animate ---> possible use point cache ---> possibly bake on timeline adding keyframes for everyframe --->export to unity (through collada? fbx? fbx-text export)...

So now I should have the information for all the vertices in the animation.

I understand Unity has no built in support for Vertex Animation but since I should have all the PLA (point level animation) information I could theortically make a Runtime script to play this animation in Unity.

I'm wondering where I should start. I'd imagine it would be the importing of this information with a custom importer as the Unity importer would probably ignore this info - and this should work with fbx-text. And then go about and animate the vertices.

Another option would be to make a special script/plugin in C4D to convert all the deformation animation to bone based animations...

and the last option I can think of is wait for Unity to support this kind of animation - hopefully this would get the fastest runtime result.

Any lead would be appreciated.

Here's an example tutorial that explains one way of baking C4D Mograph animations that specifically mentions the possibility of it serving FBX export (though C4D fbx export has been problematic it's rumored to be in better shape).

Thanks for any help.

MegaFiers will allow you to use your vertex animations either as morphs or point cache files such as .mdd or .pc2. More info