Vertex Color: texture blending and shadowing

Hi guys,

long story short, I basically would like to have this or at least something that does anything similar to this:

any idea when this will be available??

I found this technique pretty useful when it comes to fake AO or lighter areas and even more for texture blending which is my mainly issue right now.

I did some tests exporting in different formats but I find Unity only recognizes it when using a certain mobile shader which doesn´t allow me to use any other map or dynamic shadows.

I have been doing some research but I have only been able to find a couple of interesting scripts in the Asset Store but I am not pretty sure they work properly.

Can anyone give me some advise about this? It would be more than welcome since I am kind of stuck right now.

Thanks in advance for your time!!


It sounds like your problem is simply with the shader. You need a shader that supports vertex lighting. And that isn’t too hard to add. Open up your shader (You will need to download the built-in shaders here if you want to modify an existing shader). Include the following variable in your input structure:

float4 color : COLOR;

then, in the surface function, multiply your vertex colors into the output.Albedo calculation. That should do it. It might require a little bit of tweaking to get the brightness/contrast right, but you should be able to get it.

Sorry to be vague, but I’m trying to give you a general solution to your problem. This should work just fine with lighting as well.

Hey Peter,

thanks a lot for your answer! I am not a programmer at all so I will need to trick some programmer :stuck_out_tongue:

but what you said make sense of course. However, that would only solve the lighting/shadowing issue, wouldn’t it? not the blending texture.

Again, thanks!