Vertex-colored mesh blends one texture blurry

Hi there,

I’ve got a really weird problem.

This are the vertex colors of our mesh:

This is the preview within the editor:

This is the output on the iPad2:
As you can see the top texture is totally pixelated
alt text

In this picture I just switched the texture and obviously the texture which was fine before is now pixelated and vice versa…

alt text

I’ve tried different builds but all the time, where the green vertex color exists, the specific texture for this channel becomes really blocky - no matter which texture is assigned. Even if I just switch them. They all have the same settings. PVRTC4, no mipmaps, 1024x1024. Also within the material they have the same tiling and also with a tiling of 1 it does not look right.

I also tried different angles, aniso levels, mipmaps - but it doesn’t changed anything.

Actually this is a 3TextureBlend shader, but it also occure when using a 2TextureBlend shader.

Any ideas? Problem with the mesh (5442 verts, 8107 tris, uv of course more verts within the editor because of vertex coloring))? iOS specific problem?

Many thanks for every feedback!


After having a chat and exchanging a lot of screenshots, Beck from VPaint provided an idea which solves the problem.
Currently the textures were using half2 as an input values, after changing every(!) texture-input value to float2 it works
like a charm!