Vertex Colors are lost after build Android

So, I use vertex colors as a way to create masks for skins on weapon models for an fps game I work on.

We use the weapons as prefabs and instantiate them at runtime based on what the players loadout is.

The issue is that if the weapon is a prefab it seems that vertex colors are not exported with it. unless I add them to one of the scenes before build and then build.

I use two uv maps and vertex colors for the weapons to create the skins. The reason I use vertex colors is that some parts of the weapon might share the same uv space meaning using traditional masks wont work. As I dont want to mask all the parts that use that uv space the same.

Also adding the weapons to one of the scenes is not a good idea as it increases the load time which is really bad. Especially if you are targeting low end devices.

If you guys know a fix please let me know.

I use Unity 2018.3.0f2.

Hey, we have the same issue. It works on editor but after Android or iOS export, vertex colors are set to (1,1,1,1). Unity version 2018.3.14f @Abdullah-Alaskari,We have a similar issue, where vertex color information is just (1,1,1,1) no matter what we exported on the mesh. Is there any more information on this. Unity 2018.3.14f @Abdullah-Alaskari