Vertex Colors for Polyspatial MaskingShader?

From what I can see, all UI Image elements get linked to a Polyspatial object that uses a MaskingShader shader.

This shader uses a color field derived from the color field of UI image.

Is there any support coming for using Vertex colors instead of a field?

Our project creates additional verts for UI images in OnPopulateMesh() to render outlines, storing the color data in the vert color stream. I have tested a local embedded polyspatial package were I’ve modified the MaskingShader as such and it works as I would expect:

Hello! We are working on support for custom materials/shaders for CanvasRenderer instances, which would allow you to achieve this (by using your modified version of MaskingShader directly).

That’s great news!

Is there an ETA for this feature?

No, no specified ETA yet, but I am actively working on the feature at the moment.