Vertex colours - can they improve performance? Do they affect batching?

Not sure if folks are familiar with the original Rebellion Alien versus Predator game, but my understanding was that in order to overcome memory restrictions the level textures were stored as greyscale which were then tinted by vertex colours. In addition to this, there’s a lovely document here: Resistance - Level Art QandA by Athey on DeviantArt …which highlights the importance of vertex colours for high performance in areas of low memory.

Is there anybody out there who can tell me if this is an avenue worth pursuing for first person games on IOS/Android/PC? Not huge environments (say, the halls, conference rooms and hotel rooms of a decent hotel as an example), but quite detailed.

I’m happy to hear I can just ignore this, but I’d love to hear details. =)

Thanks in advance,


(Quick follow-up - is there an obvious GUI method to do the tinting or should I just add a script to each mesh object? Is there a best method of exporting meshes with vertex colour?)

More then a year too late, but none the less i hope this helps future viewers.