Vertex count and smoothing groups

Hi have a cube with hard edges that displays 24 vertices.
The same cube with all edges bevel (Soft) should be 24 vertices also but it shows 32 instead.

There is only one material, no shadows and one UV island.

Why is Unity spliting the edges on a soft model?

If I’m not mistaken, that sounds about right when you consider that vertices have only a single UV coordinate in Unity. Essentially, anywhere that you have UV seams, you would also have a unique vertex per shared position.

Using a basic cube unwrap as an example, you should have ~14 vertices at a typical minimum.


Extrapolate that out to a cube with beveled edges and its (rounded) base of 24 vertices (as opposed to the 8 on a cube that are transformed into 24 for flattened faces) will expand out by the number of cut edges…

So, yeah… Mid-30’s sounds entirely plausible.

I think its the default 24 vertices, plus every UV sharing the same world position but different UV coordinates creates a new vertex so that’s 8 more. (32 vertices)