Vertex count for a entire game level/map

I couldn’t find a answer to this question so I’ll just ask it here. Does somebody happen to know how many verticies are, for instance, in one BF4 map? And how many verticies are too much? Right now I’m working on a game and I think I’ve made all of my assets a little bit too low poly. And it’s a lot of work to make my assets look good when they have nearly no verticies to work with. I don’t want a specific answer. How many millions? Or are there only something like 500k verticies?

Hej Teo3.N,

I don’t know how many Vertices are in a BF4 map but I think you should get a feeling of the detail level you want for your game. A Map can have trillions of vertices but the question is how many are in the camera cullingarea and rendered thats where the performance drops (use the profiler if you have Unity Pro). Just try it out on the target plattform you want to develop for :slight_smile:

A modern graphics card can easily handle millions of vertices in a scene. You’re much more likely to be limited by fill rate. But, why guess? Test on a target platform with the minimum spec. that you plan to support and check that it can achieve the performance you want.