Vertical Layout Group, how to set different child aligments

Hello everyone! Im making a simple tooltip that expands as content grows in it and it works like a charm,
child alignment is set to middle to center, but how can i have Lower Left alignment for some childs and middle for another?

As you can see from picture Name and description needs to have middle alignment and parameters need to have lower left alignment, so how can i set different aligments in a vertical layout group?

I would manage the alignment inside the items, not through the layout.

  1. In the vertical layout, set the alignment to middle center, and expand width
  2. Each layout item is an empty filling as much place as possible
  3. Inside each item, play with the anchor points to align the sub-elements to the left / the center / the right

just do this setting in your tooltip_Skill Panel…
the components you have added to this panel is correct, only you need to do these settings to your panel

Thank you!