Very Animation - Animation Editor - [Released]

This is an asset for editing animation in Unity.
You can modify animations and create new ones with Unity.
It is possible to directly edit Mecanim Humanoid animation, which is usually difficult to edit with Unity.

- Compatible with editing Humanoid and Generic animation.
- It supports animation editing while editing Timeline.
- Collada Exporter
- The source code is all C#
- All source code is included



Looks interesting. Please provide a link to the written documentation.

Thank you very much.
A link to the manual was added to Top.

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I created a tutorial movie to animate Voxel character with Unity.

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Very Animation Updated. Version 1.0.0p1
- ADD : Generic Mirror condition setting, Ignore setting
- FIX : Save Settings

Is this plugin working well with DAZ3d Genesis 3 characters? I had some problems with Genesis 3 skeletons and Inverse Kinematic while working with other plugins.


This asset is not dependent on specific software.
It will work if it is imported properly as 'Humanoid' or 'Generic' in Unity's Model Importer.
In the case of Generic, IK can not be used, it is currently under development.
In the case of Humanoid, IK behaves like the video below.

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For now, it's really a usefull animation asset! :)
The think that can help is to show the transform gizmo more obvious.

I struggle a lot just to find the right axis, or I choose the wrong one because I don't see the right one

See example, some axes are invisible even if I mouse over the axe.

Something more Obivous

Maybe having a custom appearance like in Maya.

What do you think?

Since this Handle is a Unity standard one, it can not be easily changed.
The thickness of the line can not be changed, but the color can be changed from the setting.
Although it is only a slight effect, you can change the setting so that it is easy to see.
I'm sorry.

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Very Animation Updated.
Version 1.0.1
- ADD : Legacy (Animation Component) support
- FIX : VA Tools : "Remove Save Settings" and "Replace Reference"

This look interesting. Any plans to add support for other types of characters such as animals or insects, etc.?

I am currently working on adding IK functionality to Generic.
By adding that function, we believe it will be possible to deal with other creatures.


Hi, At the moment Is there a Doc for setting this up or just Quick start Vid?

Never mind I see the manual.


While editing animation the dummy is overlapping the character. I don't want to move character (I need to keep it 0,0,0) but I want to offset the dummy without affecting edited character. Just to optimise my animation workspace.

Another thing is that for some reasons dummy of my character is rotated backwards while editing and I need to rotate dummy to face the same direction as my character. So I need to move (offset) and rotate dummy without affecting edited character. Is there a way to do this?



The offset of the dummy position can be changed by changing Settings.
There is currently no setting to synchronize dummy rotation.
I will consider adding functionality in the near future.

Best regards.

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Version 1.0.2 has been released.

Version 1.0.2
- ADD : Original IK
- ADD : Save Toolbar Valid State
- ADD : IK range selection
- ADD : Hierarchy : Selected Object Auto Expand Setting
- FIX : Hotkeys : Scene View focus state only
- FIX : Animator IK
- FIX : Settings : IK Default
- FIX : Reverse rotation correction processing

I added only the basic IK.
Limb-IK dedicated to arms and legs will be added in the next version.


Is there a way to make IK parent/child connection between two animated characters - Let's say i need to make a handshake where one characters hand is moving the other characters hand. Another example - one characters head is following other characters hand.



I would like to add this feature in the future.
That is, it is currently impossible to specify the target object of IK.
I'm sorry.

Best regards.

Thank you for reply. I hope to see this feature in the future.