Very Bad performance(High GPU Usage and Low Frame Rate) with unity 2020.3.1f1 and URP

Hi everyone! I am a high schooler and have just started working on a PC game. I have created a scene for prototyping and it is pretty empty with just my player prototype gameobject (a simple cube), a bunch of cylinder (prototype for weapons), a line renderer (named laser) with a shader graph material attached, a very basic particle system for muzzle flash and a laser impact visual effect graph-based effect to spawn a forward decal with some particles at the point of laser hitting a surface. I am using Universal Render Pipeline.

Enough Introduction. Now I am coming to my problem. Whenever I enter the build the game and run it, the GPU usage spikes up to 100% and the game stops causing the game to crash.In the game view, the GPU usage remains 30 - 40 % while playing.

I do not think that I have too much graphics processing to do in this simple scene. I have an intel i3 processor and an integrated Intel HD graphics 520 with 4GB of shared memory and no Dedicated memory. I know that these are much slower than an integrated GPU but this kind of problem never showed in any of my previous projects which had much more graphics than this simple prototype.

I have used shader graph and visual effects graph for the first time in this project. Is this behaviour because of these graphs. I personally do not feel that these are causing it as they are made to handle much more expensive graphics with much ease.

These are some screenshots that might help you understand my problem:

1- Build view When I have not even pressed a single key:

2- Profiler view:

Also note that this high GPU usage stuff is happening on both the build and the editor game view but in game view the gpu usage stays low for some time and then suddenly spikes up and crashes the editor with the error: Failed to present D3D11 swapchain due to device reset/removed.This error can happen if you draw of dispatch very expensive workloads to the GPU,which can cause Windows to delect a GPU Timeout and Reset the device(see Timeout detection and recovery (TDR) - Windows drivers | Microsoft Learn). But in the build, it is 100% from the starting.
I am afraid that if I proceed developing the game without resolving this issue, I would end up wasting my whole project. Also this issue is wasting my lot of time.

Any help regarding this will be appreciated,

I am also having same problem. I have to restart unity many times while making game and doing changes.

I have the same problem on 2020.3.10f1!

Specs: i7 7700k, GTX 1080ti, 32GB RAM
Project is using URP with some post-processing.
From the package manager I have Terrain Tools, Input System, 2D Sprite… Just basic stuff.

I should get 1000FPS+ on a project with just a unedited terrain. When I have both the scene and the game scene open I get 200 ~ 240 FPS. If just the game is open I have 500FPS, which is still ridiculous.