Very disappointed in the Unity AI Survey

Not sure where to leave this comment but this category seems like it could work. I hope it finds its way to the right people.

I just completed the 10 minute Unity AI Survey where I felt I would have been able to share insights on how to make Muse Chat in particular better, but the survey had nothing to do with the products beyond how much I am willing to pay for it. Unity…you first need to listen to your community of beta testers to make it a product worth paying for as you are definitely not there. Is Unity being mostly run by sales and marketing? I am concerned and only share as you are supposed to be my business partner whose focus is on my success, as my success is your success and right now, all I feel from Unity is getting more money out of me. I am more than willing to spend more on Unity services and tools, but they have to be focused on me and not just a revenue stream for you. You need to be focus on value creation as the revenue will follow. I am seriously shaking my head as I write this. Hoping it is all just a big misunderstanding.


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