Very fast objects and collision detect + Optimize issue

Hello, I’m currently developing this game Steam Community :: Error

This is a very fast runner game and I have collision issues with it. I have the script “Dont go through thing” ( attached to all objects that need it with maximum value (0.9) and it works well on my pc, but on my friend’s computers that are lower, 1/2 detections doesn’t works when the game becomes very fast.

So my first question is, how can I resolve it and make sure that all detections works well on every decent PC ?

Secondly, my game has very simple graphics but sometimes my game freezes, the problem is I have no idea where it comes from, the scripts, the textures, the lights… ? Where can I find those informations ?

( statistics of my game in editor)


You should be able to resolve the missed collisions on fast objects by setting the RigidBody.collisionDetectionMode to Continuous or ContinuousDynamic depending on whether the geometry is static or not. This will possibly effect performance.