Very Large iOS Build Size Unity 5

At present I am trying to upload build to Apple store but after exporting IPA file using distribution certificate, I become somewhat shocked because exported IPA file size is around 200MB.

I regularly generated and exported IPA for development purpose but that remain around 30MB regularly.

I can’t able to understand why distribution copy remain this much big. I decided to use Application Loader to upload build over Apple Store.

At present I am using Unity version 5.3.3p1.
Please explain me this, I am so much confused regarding this.

Following link contains all answer of this question with explanation.

Unity 5.3.x build size increase FAQ

As well you can check my discussion in forum section as well.

Very Large iOS Build Size Unity 5

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Have you looked at the editor log? When you build, detailed information about the build size is logged out

Further suggestions can be found on the manual page for Reducing File Size

Does that 200Mb file include your dSyms? These can be quite large so may explain the change

It’s also worth knowing that when you upload to Apple, they will extract the contents of the IPA, encrypt the contents and then re-zip. This usually leads to an increased file size, sometimes by as much as 30Mb.