very low FPS in simple scene.

Yesterday, I installed the newest unity version 2020 1f1. Now even with setting up a new empty scene with just one plane, I am getting about 15 FPS. this happens both in editor and build.

I know the GPU on my machine is a bit outdated but
the simple games I built before with my old versions of unity have always preformed just fine on my machine, or on any device!

is there something different in the last couple years how unity renders graphics?
is there some graphics settings I should be looking for to correct my problem?

  • Step 1: Run Profiler
  • Step 2: See what’s taking a long time to process

What GPU are you running? It could also be your CPU (and most likely) - Unity is very CPU heavy in the editor. Here’s something you can try: Add this FPS script to your scene and set it to fill a text object with the result. Then build your game and run it. See if your FPS goes up after building. My guess is your Pc is unable to run Unity at a stable FPS and you might need to look at getting an upgrade. @toddisarockstar