Very Low frame rate and a lot of Stale frames

I have created a Unity VR “game/world” and it performs very poorly and below please find some of my best guesses why this could be:

  1. I have approx. 120 objs with filesizes ranging from 1.9-16 MB each. The number of vertices varies, but it is not low poly (e.g. 56000/112000 vertices/faces would be an example 6 MB object). Is there maximum vertices/face/file size that Quest can deal with, should I reduce these objs more ? If so to what target vertices/face size should I aim for ?
  2. They all use just simple colors as material at the moment.
  3. The terrain has the standard unity layers (snow, dirt etc).
  4. The Objs are reduced in scale from 1 to 0.001. Does scaling create considerable overhead ?
  5. The terrain is 1000x1000 meter
  6. I use Unity 2019.2 17f, Oculus integration and Oculus Quest as platform. It was quite a pain to set the Oculus integration up to work correct.
  7. If I remove the 120 items it runs much smoother, but not perfect. The FPS with the objects are approx 17-25 (45-54 if objects are not there) and you can see the jitter. Unfortunatley I can’t really read/understand the profiler output and were exactly the bottleneck would be.
  8. Putting the objs in secluded areas, were not all are visible at the same time, does not change anything performance wise. Does splitting up the objs in multiple scenes ehance the performance considerably ?
  9. In OVR Grabber script I had to check “Parent Held Object”, without that it would not work. Does this create considerable overhead and slow down the frame rate ?

Any ideas/suggestions/tips/help in this regard would be really really great.

Thank you very much for your help.

Is there any other place I can find out answers to these questions. Because I am on a timeline to finish this. Thank you

@zuckzuck Did you ever find an answer to this? Im dealing with same issue I think. I was getting decent performance when I had a scene with not many objects, I spent 2 days building out my level without testing and then it was so bad I kept getting the hourglass inside the quest while in play mode. Im using xr interaction toolkit and the new oculus plugin style in unity 2020.1.13f1. Ive baked a lot of lighting and that definitely helps but still having issues.