Very peculiar out of memory on ios?


I wanted to make a simple memory game, which worked fine, as long as i tested it on android. I have by now stripped down the application to this simple program:

  • I have ONE GameObject
  • The Gameobject has a script which has and exposes ONE variable. a public List
  • I have a bunch of PNGs, which should go in the gameobject.
  • That’s it.

If I drag more than about 30 of those PNGs (none larger than 100KB) to the List and test the app on iPad 1, or iPhone 5, it crashes right after launch.

Reducing the images to less, there is no problem.

How can I solve this?
Is there an other way to load those images? Am I just doing something wrong? How can I run out of memory by making a list not larger then a couple MBs???

Please, this is dricing me nuts.

So here is what i did: