Very Simple Planets

Hey, so I’m working on a game that’s kind of a cross between Snake and Mario Galaxy. I’ve got pretty much everything in place for a proof of concept, players grow bigger when they kill enemies (or other players), they can walk around a sphere object (the planet) and I’ve even got a very rudimentary implementation of cloud physics (i.e. players can displace clouds when they move through them). So almost everything is in place for a proof of concept build.

So why am I here, well it’s because right now my “planet” that the players fight on is a big, grey, low poly sphere with no interesting geometry. I don’t need an atmosphere, I don’t need things like rocks and trees to spawn on it. Just need a way to procedurally generate a spherical terrain that’s capable of having some simple hills and whatnot. I’ve managed to get a procedural flat terrain working, but I can’t seem to make that jump to planetary style stuff. Any help and advice would be appreciated!

I would suggest buying an asset for this, that what I did.
Here are a couple ones that you might want to take a look at.

If you don’t want to buy anything, than you should probably make prefabs of different terrain features (such as a mountain or a lake) and hand place them around the sphere.

Hope that helps.