Very slow game startup on android.

My android game startup takes something between 1 minute 50 seconds - 2 minutes 40 seconds (!!!) at different devices.
The game is just a simple space shooter with player model and a few enemy sheep models. Size of the game: 85 mb.

What I tried:

  1. I thought that the problem was at
    Audio Import Settings / Load type, but when I change load

    “decompress on load” to “stream”
    than changes nothing. Game starting
    still slow.
  2. “Optimize Mesh
    at build settings doesn’t
  3. “Mesh compression” set to
    “High” doesn’t help.
  4. “Preload Audio Data” untick doesn’t help.

The problem was solved.
I use the book Learning Unity Android Game Development (Chapter 9: Optimization)
this article: Performance tips for Unity 2d mobile

Now size of my game is just 35 mb and start time is only about 7 seconds!