Vfx effect goes invisible when camera not looking in the center

I am having this problem, not sure if bug or not but I have a 70x50x70 box as in my VFX effect in the VFX graph to spawn small objects that looks like dust particle. Whenever the center of the gameobject is not in the camera frame, the whole VFX effect goes invisible and no particles are seen. This happens in both Editor mode and while running the game.

Tried solutions:

  1. It is somewhat like Occlusion Culling but the feature is not enabled on any of my cameras.
  2. I tried changing the world coordinates of the AABox to Local but that also does not help.

[1]: 1/2 part graph
[2]: 2/2 part graph

I think this topic was dicussed here: https://forum.unity.com/threads/vfx-unwanted-culling-from-camera.615007/

Probably you have Under Initialize Particle directly at the top “Capacity” and under that is “Bounds”. If your Camera is not looking at a point that is inside of the bounds the all particles get culled/invisible. So you can just increase the Size of the Bounds and you should be good.