vfx graph doc search doesn't work


Hi Laurent,

Thanks for sharing this. I’ve had a look at the docs and I think that since the “Texture2D” operator is a named code operator, the phrase is treated as a single word with no spaces between “Texture” and “2D”. This meant that when you searched with a space in between, it tried to return results with both the word “Texture” and “2D” included separately, which there were none of.

If you search for “Texture2D” as a phrase with no spaces, the search should work correctly. This applies to other similar queries e.g. searching for “Texture Cube Array” returns nothing, while searching for “TextureCubeArray” returns the link for the “Sample TextureCubeArray”. Apologies for any confusion that this caused.

That's ok, the guy who rolled out the search library probably kept the default options and that's easy to fix. What search library do you use? There is usually a setting for queries to turn SPACE into a wildcard.