VFX Graph for built-in rendering.

Unity has released Shader Graph support for built-in, URP, and HDRP rendering (to make it easier to switch from the standard rendering pipeline to urp/hdrp in the future).
However, it seems that VFX Graph built-in support has been removed in version 10.4
is any reason why? considering that built-in pipeline is still used by 50-70% of the devs?



Hello, VFX Graph is not officially supported for Built-in and there is no plans for it.

But why?
Are any reasons why shader graph support built-in, but VFX graph built-in support was removed?

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Built-in support for VFX Graph was not exactly removed, it happens to somewhat work (with hacks) at some point, but now diverged too much. We just made it clear that built-in was not supported.

Supporting built-in on our side was considered but far too much resource intensive as it would require us to maintain two completely different path between built-in and SRP (Shader library/includes, render loops etc. vastly differ between both). As opposed to SG, VFX Graph is not only an editor tool to generate shaders but comes with a full runtime alongside. So focus was made on SRP newer tech support as it is the future of Unity.

AFAIK SG built-in support was added to help asset store shader developers to transition from built-in to SRP.

I hope those explanations help.


It might be. But, for now and a good long while by the looks of "progress" with URP and its post processing, for many different types of future projects, Builtin remains a better option.

Can we at least get a round of low-hanging-fruit improvements to Builtin to see us all through the next 5 or so years?

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Thanks for the response.
Maybe you can support only a part of the functionality that worked before version 10.4? Is this enough in 99% of cases. It's better then nothing.