VFX Spawn Over Distance: Apply set position, velocity, and other effects not applying

I hope I can get some help with issue I am having. I created a VFX that will spawn rock debris over a set distance. These apply velocity in both the X,Y, and Z coords using various curves to simulate gravity and then eventually fade away when colliding with a plane.

However, the issue I am having is that if I manually move the object the vfx is attached to in the editor it does exactly what I intended it to do while moving, but when in play mode the objects are only spawned in a straight line while it moves and no additional velocity, position, or any other effects are applied like what is supposed to happen when the vfx object is manually moved in the editor.

I am not sure what would be causing this, but does anyone know how to apply effects while in play mode? Am I missing a module or node that I would need to add for it work? I am using a simple movement script that moves the object in a straight line.

I’ve attached pics showing the graph I created.