Vicon DataStream SDK with unity

I’m, trying to use the vicon sdk .Net in unity but I failed to get any result.
My question is… it’s possible to do it? someone has ever succeeded ?

I’ve just started with this a few days ago so I don’t know much yet, but here’re few facts that I’ve already found:

The main Vicon dll is a C++ version and it’s called ViconDataStreamSDK_CPP.dll. There’s also a .NET version which seems to be a simple wrapper, but it’s compiled in .NET 4.0 so you can’t use it in Unity (it simply doesn’t load, without visible error/message).

Fortunately there’s a Pegasus application/plugin from Vicon, I’m not sure what does it do exactly but it contains a DLL that was compiled in .NET 3.5 and can be loaded into Unity. It also have an example Unity scene and simple script to drive a mesh with Vicon data.

Here’s a link

With this plugin it should be much easier to do what you want :).