Video and Audio Sync problem

I am making a simple VR player for Oculurus.
I play video through “AvPlayer” and play ONSP Audio Source audio for 3D-Audio
However, the synchronization between them is not suitable and it is difficult.
When the Media Player’s ReadyToPlay event occurs, playing video and audio at the same time.

Interestingly, after brought in the video once again, sync when playing back again well matches.
In my opinion it seems to be done due to the difference between the speed of attracting video (H.265 format) and the speed of calling up audio.

If someone can help the problem? I would like to listen to recommended methods and assets.

  • Pause () function added and the video and audio stopped playing repeatedly, also the sink is very shifted.

I want someone to save me …

We are having the same problem, any budge in this issue?