Video 'not supported' on iPad


I’m using VideoPlayer to get a video from a URL, save it to a persistent file path, then play on a plane.

This works great in the Editor (even when I’ve got the platform set to iOS) but when I push it through Xcode, I get a message that reads: “Video unsupported by hardware: may not play smoothly or play at all.”

Some important info:

Unity version: 2019.4.2f1

Video codec: Apple ProRes 444 with alpha

iPad: Air 2

This is the script I’m using:

private void Start()

internal UnityEngine.Video.VideoPlayer myVideoPlayer;
string videoUrl ="MY URL HERE";

private IEnumerator loadVideoFromThisURL(string _url)
    UnityWebRequest _videoRequest = UnityWebRequest.Get (_url);

    yield return _videoRequest.SendWebRequest();

    if (_videoRequest.isDone == false || _videoRequest.error != null)
    {   Debug.Log ("Request = " + _videoRequest.error );}

    Debug.Log ("Video Done - " + _videoRequest.isDone);

    byte[] _videoBytes =;

    string _pathToFile = Path.Combine (Application.persistentDataPath, "");
    File.WriteAllBytes (_pathToFile, _videoBytes);
    Debug.Log (_pathToFile);
    StartCoroutine(this.playThisURLInVideo (_pathToFile));
    yield return null;
private IEnumerator playThisURLInVideo(string _url)
    myVideoPlayer.source = UnityEngine.Video.VideoSource.Url;
    myVideoPlayer.url = _url;
    myVideoPlayer.Prepare ();
    while (myVideoPlayer.isPrepared == false)
    {   yield return null;}

    Debug.Log ("Video should play");
    myVideoPlayer.Play ();

Has anyone else had this issue or can help me out?


show me your imports
because if it works in the editor than one of your imports may be using UnityEditor which could give you an error

I also see this issue - also only on an iPad2 Air “iPad5,3”.
Unity 2021.3