Video playback orientation iPhone unity 1.7

i am working on an ipad game and i add a video file by using the following code

iPhoneUtils.PlayMovie("link.mp4",, iPhoneMovieControlMode.CancelOnTouch);

now the problem is i want to play that video in the landscape mode but it is playing in the portal mode even i select the default screen orientation of the player as landscape in the project setting....

plz plz help!!

hello I had the same problem with both Ipod and ipad. and the issue frankly is not in unity therefore the solution is not in unity script either. you should do the following:

1- add this part to your playmovie code iPhoneMovieScalingMode.AspectFit right after iPhoneMovieControlMode.CancelOnTouch and save your script

2- go to xcode and look for this file

3- in the code of this file look for this line iphone::KeyboardOnScreen::Init();

4- comment this line.

that is it. now build & run and you are good. unfortunately this is the problem with os4 of itouch and ipad I hope that helped