Video Player stuck on first frame

I use a VideoPlayer component to play some videos in my app.

One of the videos is stuck on first frame. There are no errors in console, nothing. On screen I see the first frame of the video and calling videoPlayer.Play(); doesn’t work.

All my other videos work fine and play right away. I don’t see any difference between this clip and others. They are all .mp4 and all of them play fine in Windows Media Player.

I don’t see absolutely anything that could help me identify a problem (seems to be common with Unity’s VideoPlayer) and (which is weird) absolutely no one on the internet that has the same problem.

Any ideas are appreciated

Edit: I got it to work by unselecting “Loop” property on the video player. I don’t understand why that helped, because the video is 5 seconds long…

Ok, so I got a tip from elsewhere, and the issue is hilarious, so I’ll share the answer.

This one video was encoded so that it reads as having only one frame and a 0.1 framerate. With this weird setup all kinds of shenanigans can happen, so I’m at awe that anything was able to play this video at all.

The only solution I can think of, is to fix this in a video editing software, but I don’t know anything about video editing, so I give this task to our video person.

Meanwhile I close this question, because I’ve found my answer.